Freitag, 8. April 2016

Help my friend...

Dear community...

today I have a very personal question to of my friends is trying to fullfil her make a world tour...please help her...On the right side of my blog there is a link...just klick the button "teilnehmen" and help her with a few dollars or euros....

Thank you...



Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

Awesome beauty tip: STOP WORRYING!

Hi businessbabes!

Today I have a very awesome beauty tip for you: STOP WORRYING!!! I know it's easy to say and hard to do, but you really have to stop worrying. If something is meant to be it will be, worries won't help you, it will just bring you down. For example my sister is a university student and I know everytime she's got an exam she is worrying a week or two before If she will pass it. And instead of focusing on the material for studying she is worrying the whole time and then her brain gets an blackout. This is just a natural thing of your body to protect yourself. Worrying can cause many mental diseases like depression.

You see worring will not bring you anything, your problems won't be solved and you will get sick. So just stop with it and focus on how to get your problems solved. Focus on positive things, focus on your success and not on your failures...and trust me you will see...the more positive you become, you will feel good, you will look good and your mind will be clear and free to focus on the important thing...

If you worry a lot I would recommand you to read this link:

Kisses, your


Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

Stress doesn't really go with my outfit!

Nice weekend to all my businessbabes in the world!!

Today I would like to tell you something about stress and why it doesn't really go with my outfit. Stress is ugly...stress makes you changes you here are some easy tricks I'm using to reduce stress.

First of all EXERCISE regulary!! 
Exercising helps you to sweat out your aggression and your worries...I prefer boxing or jogging. And you know helps you not only to reduce your stress it helps you also to get your body in shape and to look good and feel good!! So girl take your training shoes and do something for your body and spirit!!

Second...get enough SLEEP!!
8 hours is a minimum!!! It helps you to regenerate your cells...your skin will get better and you will look better.... you will have a fresh face and mind. Your brain will be very thankful...and your mind will be fresh for new ideas and new plans to reach your goals.

Third... EAT properly!!
Drink a lot (Water!!!!!)...reduce your alcohol consumption....and start eating healthy. Eat a lot of fresh raw fruits and vegetables. You will see you will feel won't be tiered and you will be full of energy and stress will run away of you :) And the best thing, you will bring your body in shape without any diet pills or so...

So girls this were just a few lifestyle changes I did to reduce stress...My working days are very long...I work 70 hours a week and if I would do it with stress I couldn't do it very long...

And the best advice I can give a few things more you love....don't think too much...just to it!


your #europeanbusinessbabe

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016


HATERS...everybody has them...and many of us are suffering because of them. BUT girls...I have to be honest... I LOVE THEM!!! You may now think „what the hell is going on with this girl?“ But Girls this is the sign that you made it. You are successful in your job, you are successful in your life....and they aren’t ;)

Why do we have haters? – Haters are jealous people, their life isn’t satisfying they don’t want others to be happy and successful. They are trying to bring other people down. And how I wrote in the last post...jealous people are not happy people. All they want is to have your life. The sad thing some haters can also be our „friends“...but you have to realize a true friend will never make feel you bad for your success. A true friend will always support you.

You will see....the more successful you will lose a lot people who are now in your life. First you will be sad....and after a while you will see that your life qualitiy and the way you will look at people will change.....and this is good.

So my dear businessbabes..don’t be sad when you have hater this is just the sign that you made it, that you have a great life and that people admire you.....

Keep doing your shit!!!




Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

Happiness is an inside job.

Dear Businessbabes,

This is a very important topic for me. People are searching their lifetime for happiness, but there are so less people wo find it. Everyone of us is searching for it to, but have you found it yet?

I’ve found it and I want to tell you how I did it.

First of all you have to be aware of your needs. You have a lot needs, but I’m not talking about the material needs. I’m talking about your spiritual needs. Because you can also be happy without an IPhone or without an Ferrari or whatever. It's the little things in life that made us happy. We must be aware of it.

It’s not about how much we have…it’s about how much we enjoy it…and this is the key to success. If you are greedy and never satisfied you will never be happy. You will get wrinkles and you will look ugly.

So my businessbabes don’t take life to serious. Start enjoying it and you will see, you will start be happier. Do the things you love…go out, eat a lot, dance a lot, love a lot….and work hard for your goals….and if you see your first results you will feel very happy.

And that’s it…it’s not hard…it’s just the way you start to look at things...

Be happy.



Montag, 15. Februar 2016


Good morning my businessbabes!! 

I wish you all a good Monday. And here some tips for the manage the week and to get one step further to your goals and dreams.

Be focused.
Have your goals around you. Write them down. Pin them in front of your desk. Have them as your Mobile Background. Focus them! Never let them out of your sight. Then how the good book says “out of sight, out of mind”. So keep them always in your mind. Tell other people about them.

Be intelligent.
Show the world there is something in your head. Read more books, read more newspapers…expand your horizon. Never stop learning!!!!! Always surround yourself with information, which will be useful for you. This will help you to open a conversation and you will never go out of conversation-material J People will be positive surprised if you are pretty and intelligent. This is the combination of successful people.

Be motivated.
Surround yourself with motivation-quotes, surround yourself with people who will motivate you, so you will be do your thing! And don’t ever quit. Keep on going and never forget the you always pass failures on the way to success. Don’t lose your motivation!!! Keep going girl!!!

And last, but not least…be cute.
This is an extra and a bonus. It will help you a lot in life, if you are just cute. This is not very hard to do, but it will bring you a lot. Try it out.

Have a nice week everyone,

Xoxo your 

Freitag, 12. Februar 2016

Don’t get jealous. Get motivated!

What I realized during my working life (and I’m working since 7 years) being jealous is a poison. Especially women tend to be jealous. But girls it doesn’t bring you anything in life. You will just get wrinkles and you will be unsatisfied with yourself and with your life…why? Because you will always think about why didn’t I got that bonus or this great thing…and then you will hate this person who got it. And trust me being jealous is so not sexy! It will not bring you anything, no friends and nothing….so instead of getting jealous you should get motivated. Motivated to work for the things you want. Motivated to reach your goals. Trust me this is the only thing that will make you happy.
If you are not a jealous person, people will love you more, colleagues will trust you more und your bosses too. You will be a positive person and everyone will be enchanted of your personality.

So my businessbabes don’t get jealous on your colleagues or bosses or friends (especially not on your friends), get motivated to live YOUR dream and to work hard to reach YOUR goal. Because when you have reached what you wanted…you will also be happy if there is somebody who can be happy with you and celebrate it with you.

Businessbabes start TODAY!!!! GET MOTIVATED